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Active Directory and Security
It should come as no surprise, given the amount of time and care Microsoft has put into developing its
directory services for Windows 2000, that a great deal of attention was paid to making Active Directory a
feature-rich service that will be able to compete with other established directory services in the marketplace.
After extensive study of what network administrators out in the field want and need in a directory service,
Active Directory was designed with security as a high priority item.
These are some of the important components of Active Directory’s security functions:
• Storage of security credentials for users and computers in Active Directory, and the authentication of
computers on the network when the network is started.
• The transitive trust model, in which all other domains in the domain tree accept security credentials
that are valid for one domain.
• Secure single sign-on to the enterprise (because security credentials are stored in Active Directory,
making them available to domain controllers throughout the network).
• Replication of all Active Directory objects to every domain controller in a domain.
• Management and accessibility of user and computer accounts, policies, and resources at the
“nearest” (in terms of network connectivity) domain controller.
• Inheritance of Active Directory object properties from parent objects.
• Creation of account and policy properties at the group level, which can then be applied to all new
and existing members.
• Delegation of specific administrative responsibilities to specific users or groups.
• Ability of servers to authenticate on behalf of clients.
All these features work together, as part of Active Directory and the security subsystem. Compared to
Windows NT, this is a whole new (and better) way of doing things.
Active Directory can be of benefit for managing user and computer accounts in the enterprise.
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