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Spyware Detection, Removal, and Protection

Individuals or companies may already be monitoring your online transactions and keeping track of your computer activity without your knowledge or permission.

Tech Philly can rid your system of the spyware that is running on your computer and prevent future problems.

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Computer security experts are warning the public of newer and sneakier ways that flash drives or USB drives have become infected with viruses and spyware.
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Computer security firm Symantec discovers what it says is one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software ever seen.
Free Tool Detects Government Spyware
The Detekt tool was developed by Berlin-based security researcher Claudio Guarnieri and supported by several human-rights groups. If Detekt does detect spyware the researchers recommend users disconnect that computer from the Internet and stop using it immediately. Lists of experts who may be able to help along with their PGP keys for sending encrypted emails are available from Detekt's ...
New Regin spyware found likely created by a government
Researchers say it's ?reminiscent of Stuxnet and Duqu? ? two pieces of malware that were reportedly developed by the United States and Israel.
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A new tool detects computer malware that’s watching your every move
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