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The default security that is applied during the beginning of the GUI-mode of setup is applicable only to the core of the Windows 2000
operating system. In other words, any optional components you decide to install, such as Certificate Server or Internet Information
Server, are responsible for configuring the default security settings for their components if the security inherited by default is not
Default File System and Registry Permissions
Default security varies for different users. For example, Administrators, System, and Creator Owner have Full Control of the registry
and the file system at the beginning of the GUI-mode of setup. For IT Professionals Only
Windows 2000 includes several special identities that are known by the security subsystem. Some of the
special identities are:
Creator Owner
The System special identity represents the operating system of the local computer. The Creator Owner
special identity is used on directories. Any users who create files or directories in a directory that has Creator
Owner permissions inherit the permissions given to Creator Owner for the files or directories they create.
The Everyone, Network, and Interactive groups cannot be modified; nor can you view the members of the
groups. The Everyone group contains all current and future users of the network, including guests and
members of other domains. The Network group consists of users who are given access to a resource over the
network. The Interactive group is the opposite; it consists of users who access a resource by logging onto the
resource locally. These groups are available when you assign rights and permissions to resources.
However, the default permissions for Power Users and Users vary greatly from the permissions given to
Administrators. Power Users do have permission to modify areas that Users cannot. For example, four areas
that Power Users have the capability to use the Modify permission are:
Program Files
Power Users can modify these four areas so that they can install existing applications. With existing
applications it may be possible that Users cannot install the application, because the application may need to

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