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System Security
If you are worried about hackers or viruses wreaking havoc on your system then let Tech Philly help before it's too late.

We have the tools and expertise to make you safe from everything that can steal information or destroy your entire system.

Contact Tech Philly For More Info.

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TSE: 4704) a global leader in security software announced today its participation as a diamond sponsor of Carnegie Mellon University's annual "capture the flag" computer security game challenge picoCTF2014. Geared towards middle and high school students Trend Micro's participation demonstrates the company's commitment to educating young people on safe and innovative ways computer security ...
Startup Aims to Remake Computer Security for the Cloud Age
Steve Herrod was there for the rise of Nicira the Silicon Valley startup that reinvented the way we build computer networks and then sold itself to tech giant VMware for $1.26 billion. He was VMware’s chief technology officer at the time one of the driving forces behind this massive deal and after leaving VMware for [… The post Startup Aims to Remake Computer Security for the Cloud Age ...
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As high-tech features like adaptive cruise control automatic braking and automatic parallel parking systems make cars smarter it's also making them more vulnerable to hackers – a risk that an automotive security researcher says carmakers appear to be ignoring. "There's no culture of security" said Chris Valasek director of vehicle security research at the computer security consulting firm ...
Carnegie Mellon University to Host Second Annual Nationwide High School Computer Security Contest
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technical Director of CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University David Brumley and two student-run teams will host the second annual PicoCTF competition a nationwide computer security contest aimed at giving high school students hands-on experience learning computer science and security concepts in the context of a story-driven game.

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