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System Security
If you are worried about hackers or viruses wreaking havoc on your system then let Tech Philly help before it's too late.

We have the tools and expertise to make you safe from everything that can steal information or destroy your entire system.

Contact Tech Philly For More Info.

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Regin malware linked to attacks on Belgacom well-known cryptographer
After Symantec blew the lid on Regin on Sunday computer security experts and companies are revealing information that has lead to suspicions that the U.S. and U.K. are involved. Regin has been known about for years by security companies but Symantec’s white paper on the malware prompted several in the last day to come forward with what they know. It’s unclear why security companies maintained ...
New computer spyware discovered
Computer security firm Symantec discovers what it says is one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software ever seen.
Stealthy spy software snooping for years: Symantec
Computer security firm Symantec on Monday said it uncovered stealthy software wielded as part of a years-long spying campaign most likely by a nation state.
Stealthy spy software snooping for years Symantec says
Computer security firm Symantec said it uncovered stealthy software wielded as part of a years-long spying campaign most likely by a nation state.
Introducing one of the most sophisticated espionage bugs ever discovered
The computer-security firm Symantec says it may have found some of the most sophisticated malicious software ever made. The cyber-espionage bug called Regin has been making attacks for many years without being caught.
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